22. September 2012

Karl Richter Archives

What has been created so far: books, filmed documentary, contemporary documents and pictures

Karl Richter, from 1951-1981 cantor at St. Mark's Munich was one of the leading Bach interpreters of the past century. With his concert performances and recordings he has set the standard around the World as a conductor, harpsichordist and organist in the 1960s and 1970s. Eight years ago, we launched the archive project "Karl Richter in Munich" and interviewed more the 40 artists (singers and instrumentalists) about their memories of Karl Richter and their cooperation. The result was - in time to Karl Richter's 80th birthday and 25th anniversary of his early death birthday - in 2006, the book documentary "Karl Richter in Munich - witnesses remember".

In 2006 and 2007 the book documentary was followed by the film documentary 'Karl Richter in Munich', a trilogy on DVD, with rich content on the 30-year era of Karl Richter work and music in Munich. Numerous sequences from Normal8 and Super8 films, live recordings, photographs and excerpts from our interviews with the witnesses which trace and explain the phenomenon of Karl Richter and his Munich Bach-Choir exceptional position in the world of music in Munich, in Germany and around the world.

The DVD's contain many excerpts from the interviews with contemporary witnesses of the era of Karl Richter. Filmed interviews with former members of the Munich Bach Choir and Bach Orchestra and various soloists (among them Claes H. Ahnsjö, Ursula Buckel, Kieth Engen, Ernst Haefliger, Julia Hamari,  Edda Moser, Aurèle Nicolet. Kurt-Christian Stier, Hertha Töpper), and give a very vivid picture of Karl Richter's extraordinary interpretations and fascination. Numerous musical examples and comparisons documenting numerous musical examples and astonishing comparison of interpretations accompanying the statements and recollections of our witnesses.

In 2011, we began start the publication of the "Karl Richter - contemporary documents" series. Five volumes are already available, and we work on the sixth volume covering the years 1977 - 1981. Publishing date (planned) is Spring 2013. We also have projected an additional band with the Karl Richter's years prior to Munich for early summer of 2013. These "historical documents" series contains almost all available photographs of Karl Richter, his soloists and Bach-chorister, the programs and reviews of concerts and LP recordings, and more in the Karl Richter Archive.

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