6. Juni 2010

'Karl Richter Shop' on Facebook

In our new 'Karl Richter Shop' on Facebook we have now added more 'Karl Richter in Munich - Contemporary Witness' stuff to reflect the current state of documentation at the Karl Richter Archive:

- the book documentation 'Karl Richter in Munich - Remembered'
- the Trilogy on DVD 'Karl Richter in Munich - Remembered'on 4 DVD's
- all time documents from our Karl Richter in Munich archive - the years 1951 - 1959 on DVD / CDs

Rich information and mementos for friends, lover of Karl Richter's music and the musicological research alike. Visit shop now

More about already published results in German

In English
Karl Richter in Munich 1951 - 1981 | Book and Video-Documentation [English]