29. September 2005

About Conventus Musicus (English)

Welcome to Conventus Musicus!

We have now started a special welcome site for our international visitors in English:

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About Conventus Musicus

Conventus Musicus has started as a concert and record label founded by Johannes Martin with the support of the Abbey of Muensterschwarzach – during his time as a school musician at the music gymnasium in Muensterschwarzach.

After Johannes Martin ended his carrier as school musician in 1989, he founded under the same name the music-publishing house, audio- and video studio Conventus Musicus in Dettelbach, together with his wife Gabriele Martin.

The main emphasis of Conventus Musicus today revolves around the 'culture and nature of Franconia' in book, audio and film documents and the production of video documentations and concert recordings, partly in long and exclusive cooperations with artists and institutions. As an example, almost all CDs of the Muensterschwarzach Vier-Tuerme Verlag are produced at Conventus Musicus sound studio in Dettelbach.

A very special and actual project, strongly related to Johannes Martin’s own vita, is the book and video documentation on

Karl Richter Era in Munich 1951 - 1981
and his work with the Muenchener Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra

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