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Welcome dear Visitor / Friend / Customer,

from the international community and especially to the many friends of Karl Richter’s work and music. We are overwhelmed by the interest we have got on our “Karl Richter Munich” Project and Weblog from international visitors (e.g. Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, UK and USA).

We are grateful and happy by the fact that so many still remember and appreciate Karl Richter and the Munich Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra concerts around the world after so many years.

Keep in touch!

Johannes Martin

About Conventus Musicus

Conventus Musicus has started as a concert and record label founded by Johannes Martin with the support of the Abbey of Muensterschwarzach – during his time as a school musician at the music gymnasium in Muensterschwarzach.

After Johannes Martin ended his carrier as school musician in 1989, he founded under the same name the music-publishing house, audio- and video studio Conventus Musicus in Dettelbach, together with his wife Gabriele Martin.

The main emphasis of Conventus Musicus today revolves around the 'culture and nature of Franconia' in book, audio and film documents and the production of video documentations and concert recordings, partly in long and exclusive cooperations with artists and institutions. As an example, almost all CDs of
the Muensterschwarzach Vier-Tuerme Verlag are produced at Conventus Musicus sound studio in Dettelbach.

A very special and actual project, strongly related to Johannes Martin’s own vita, is the book and video documentation and the Karl-Richter Archive on Karl Richter Era in Munich 1951 - 1981 and his work with the Muenchener Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra.

About Johannes Martin

After the Abitur (German university-entrance diploma), he studied piano and school music at the Bavarian State Conservatory in Wuerzburg and (starting with 1964) at the Academy of Music (University) in Munich, piano among others with Maria Landes-Hindemith.

In 1965, he joined the Karl Richter Munich Bach-Choir and participated in many concerts, recording projects and tours (e.g. Canada, Japan, Russia, UK, USA) until 1970 and values precious memories on projects, journeys and friendships with many Bach- Choristers and Artists – many he is still in contact with.

From 1970 until 1989, he worked as music teacher on the Gymnasium in Bamberg, Niederaltaich and Muensterschwarzach, made music with students and international artists as well as arranged concerts, concert series and recording productions. The last one under the label of "Conventus Musicus" –
the name of his music publishing house and studio.

His musical interest is in classical music, music from the medieval times and sacred music. He is deeply rooted in his native country Franconia and has published books, CD’s and Videos/DVD’s on the nature and culture of his homeland. Right now, much of his time is being invested in the Karl Richter Munich Project.

You can write to us in English, comment on our Weblog and we would love to hear from you - even so we do not have an English website. Please eMail  cm@conventus-musicus.de

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